About Us

We Solve Electrical Problems with Most Efficiency

GFM Bliss Electrical Co is an indigenous registered limited liability engineering company that is in involved in total engineering services including supply of technical manpower equipment erection, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance.

The company also procures, distributes, repairs and overhaul major equipment such as electric motors, gear switch controls, gas turbines, diesel and gas engines compressors.

Corporate Goals

Company Structure


The company can be responsible for manpower supply during equipment post-delivery services and it is staffed with skilled and experienced engineers who carry out contract maintenance duties, diagnostic inspections, and preventive maintenance services.


The customer service is also staffed with trained engineers who are dedicated to the provision of specialist services, especially after-sales and related facilities. The customer service is available for answering trouble calls, diagnostic maintenance, repairing, overhauling, commissioning, and supply of spare parts. 


The engineering and construction section is responsible for all pre-delivery activities, employing the services of experienced and highly trained engineers equipped with computer-aided software to accomplish works.